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Little Miss West Virginia is no different than most pageant systems in that it takes more than modeling to win.

Contestants are judged with the following standards:

First score is a first impression score. 
When the contestant first steps on the stage. It is an expectation score. This includes the contestants outfit and hair. 1/3 of the total score

The second score is their facial beauty score. Scored when the contestant gets as close to the front of the stage as possible . This is a 1/3 of the total score.

The third score is overall stage performance. How they performed on stage. Modeling and dance is included. 1/3 of the score.

As you can see. You can be great at modeling, but judges may mark appearance and beauty lower. You must have the total package to win. It is more than modeling.
Every child who takes the stage is beautiful. With that said, this is a beauty contest and it must be judged to find a winner. I set the standards for my events. I stand by my judges decisions. Everyone who attends my pageants must agree to treat my staff and myself with respect.